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FACT: Hollywood is one of LA's most affordable and trendy neighborhoods.  

In recent years Hollywood is the Mecca for the most happening restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and centers of entertainment, making it like the Manhattan of Los Angeles but without the overblown prices.


FACT: Sycamore Terrace is a great place for you to make your Hollywood dreams come true!

Given its proximity to film studios and schools for the arts, Sycamore Terrace is an ideal choice for anyone pursuing a steady career in entertainment.


MYTH/FACT?: Guns N’ Roses members Slash and Axl Rose once lived in Sycamore Terrace (myth?), and so did Pink's former guitarist (fact). 

Other rockers like Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, and members of Mega Death used to live in the area. 

Sycamore Terrace rocks!

MYTH: You need a car in Los Angeles.

Not at Sycamore Terrace. All modern conveniences are available within a few-block radius, and the Metro Line serves as an effective means of public tranportation throughout LA.

FACT: Britney Spears, Clint Eastwood, and Hugh Jackman all live near Sycamore Terrace.

Okay, they may live a little further away, but their stars are located on the Hollywood's "Walk of Fame", and you can stroll upon them on your way to shop. You can also catch a Starline tour on Hollywood Blvd for $20 and see their real homes.

MYTH: Hollywood isn’t safe because it's a haven for wierdos. 

You may get your occasional homeless person who thinks he's Elvis walking down Hollywood Boulevard (or a guy who gets paid to look like Elvis), but Sycamore Terrace prides itself on its safety record. It has secured entry and a surveillance system throughout the building. The constant foot traffic on Hollywood Boulevard makes it generally safe to walk even at night!

MYTH: Hollywood apartment buildings are loud because everyone wants to be a rockstar.

Just wake up one Saturday morning at Sycamore Terrace and listen to the birds chirp, then lay out by the pool for some real peace.

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